geriatric conditions management

Geriatric conditions are health issues that commonly affect older adults. At Stellar Physio, we use physiotherapy  to help address the unique physical challenges and limitations  that come with old age. 

Here are some ways in which we help you in the management of these geriatric conditions:

  • We design exercise programs to improve balance, coordination, and muscle strength, reducing the risk of falls and related injuries. We also provide education on home safety and recommend assistive devices, such as canes or walkers, to enhance stability.
  • We provide pain management techniques, such as manual therapy, exercise therapy, and modalities like heat or cold therapy, to alleviate pain and improve overall function and quality of life.
  • We prescribe exercises that promote cardiovascular health and endurance for older adults. These exercises include walking programs, stationary cycling, or water therapy to improve cardiovascular fitness, circulation, and overall stamina.
  • We assess and address postural issues through exercises, manual therapy, and education on proper body mechanics. We will help you improve your posture, which can enhance balance, reduce strain on joints, and alleviate associated pain.
  • we educate older adults and their caregivers about managing their specific conditions and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. We also provide guidance on home exercises, activity modifications, and strategies to manage symptoms, empowering you to take an active role in your own health and well-being.
Our interventions are tailored to each clients’ needs, taking into account the their overall health, medical history, and specific goals. By addressing the physical challenges associated with aging, we help you maintain functional independence, improve quality of life, and promote healthy aging.

We are focused on helping individuals regain and maintain physical function, mobility, and wellness through a range of techniques such as exercise, manual therapy, and education

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